Holland Malt


Holland Malt is a maltings with a long and rich history. We have been producing brewers' malts for the Dutch market and export markets since 1938 with growing success, always focusing on high quality malts.


Our mission

Your quality in our hands. With the strong  partnerships that we have both up- and downstream in the barley-malt-beer chain, we can aim all our processes and knowledge to enable production of a high quality malt. Continuous supply of this quality is essential to secure a fluent beer-production.


Our products


This website aims at informing you about the Holland Malt organisation and our malt products. Here you can find information about how malt is made, our historyour malts, our quality programs and our safety policies


Our maltings

Holland Malt operates two maltings, one is located in the south of Holland (Lieshout), one in the very north (Eemshaven). Production in both plants is focussing on high efficiency, at the same time keeping eye at sustainability of production. Each plant has its own characteristics: Lieshout is a malting focussing on flexilbility and production of specialty malts, Eemshaven is a greenfield maltings focussing on production of pilsner malts for export. Recently we decided to expand the plant in Eemshaven, a press anouncment can be found here (nl or en).


Contact us

For inquiries and for any information not provided on this website, please contact us.