Amber and Melanoidin Malts

Typically Amber and Melanoidin malts share some characteristics, though their production process is significantly different. Also different levels of application can be seen, either focusing on the coloring of pale beers, such as pilsners, or by bringing a slight decoction flavour to the beer. The level of modification in the melanoidin certainly helps.

Malt type Amber Melanoidin
Colour (EBC) 60 – 70 60 – 80
Colour (Lovibond) 23-27 °L 23-30 °L
Application Specialty beers:
Double & Tripples
Bock beers
Pilsner beers
Red beers
Pilsner, Ales
Characteristics Its neutral flavour enables application in the coloring of pale beers such as pilsners. Intense malty flavour
High level of modification

Download Amber malt spec sheet
Download Melanoidin spec sheet