Multiple sourcing strategy

The purchase of first class malting barley is a necessary condition for the production of high quality brewing malt. Holland Malt has established an Early Warning System (EWS) to ensure the quality of our goods. In short, the malting barley is already tested for quality, viz. protein, moisture and percentage of living kernels at the leading port. Our skilled maltsters also examine the barley for physical defects such as split, red kernels and odour prior to release. Deliveries are guaranteed through long-term framework agreements with leading farmers’ cooperatives in all the major malting barley regions in Europe, as well as locally with Agrifirm, the largest grower of Dutch malting barley. This guarantees malt quality and price for our customers.

Barley certification

In The Netherlands, Holland Malt currently demands that all malting barley is planted and produced by certified growers. The aim of this certification is to further ensure food safety prior to examination at the maltings. Barley growers are required to pay attention to matters such as fertilisation, good agricultural practices to prevent formation of mycotoxins, the use of proper crop-protection products, hygienic conditions for equipment and storage facilities, etc. Certification is performed by an independent company familiar with the grain business and the primary production of grains.


Holland Malt maintains long term relationships with leading European farmers’ cooperatives in France, UK and Scandinavia. In The Netherlands we have a very strong partnership with Agrifirm, one of the leading EU farmers’ cooperatives with over 10,000 farmers. Agrifirm and Holland Malt work together closely on local malting barley breeding programmes.