Crystal malts

Our Crystal malts are produced with our special High Performance kiln. After the germination process, enzymes are stimulated to degrade starch and proteins, the result is a liquified endosperm in which the monosaccharides are readily available. Crystal malts are thus characterized by their hard crystallised endosperm, the very sweet character that gives a fuller body to the beer, a friendly aroma and a deeper color.

Malt type Crystal malt (pale) Crystal Red Crystal malt (dark)
Colour (EBC) 20 – 30 40 – 60 100 – 140
Colour (Lovibond) 8-12°L 15-25°L 38-55°L
Application Trappist ales
Blond Ales
Amber, Red Ales Trappist dubbel ales
Bock beers
Characteristics Excellent extract
Sweet, slight malty, flavour
Full red color
Sweet flavour resulting in a full body
The typical combination of colour and flavour enable its application in red colored beers such as red ales
Excellent extract
Deep dark color

Download Crystal malt – Pale spec sheet
Download Crystal Red spec sheet
Download Crystal malt – Dark spec sheet