The world’s first sustainable source of malt

Holland Malt is 100% committed to sustainability. That’s why our maltings in Eemshaven will be the first in the world with a 100% emission-free malting process. In other words, sustainability at the source of beer.

The emission-free malting process

The malting process involves the soaking of barley and subsequent germination period. After about seven days that part of the process is complete and the barley has to be dried by heating, up to a temperature of around 85 degrees. Traditionally, this heat was generated by fossil fuels. That has been completely replaced by heat pumps, with energy generated from windmills and solar panels. Avoiding energy created from biomass, or other technologies that produce greenhouse gases.

One giant step for malt

So, no more natural gas to create heat. Just electricity from wind-powered heat pumps, ensuring perfectly dried malt. We haven’t stopped there. The current malting process emits
hot air, which is also energy we cleverly reuse in the process. All these changes make a big difference. The new malting process uses 67% less energy. No biomass. And no fossil fuels. In total, a saving on natural gas comparable to the consumption of 14,000 households annually.